This is a great gym. Plenty of privacy, all the equipment you could need, and the best freeweight collection in town. Whether you're looking to lose weight, get ripped, or just stay active.. This Is the gym for you.

Mike Buchholz

The classes are great! The instructor are passionate at what they do!

JamieJo K. Delva

Great place too work out!! Love the gymtimidation and the updates are coming along nice. You don't have to be quiet when you work out here.

Noah Warne

Hi from Finland! Thank you for the awesome month I got to spend exercising at Northgate Health Club! Great classes and such friendly and nice people! I'm so happy to meet you all!

Satu Mononen

I love working out here!

Samantha Brueske

Love this gym! Prior to joining this gym, I've been yelled at by staff members of other gyms when I deadlift. I'm not an advocate for dropping weights, but it is impossible to be quiet when hitting the heavy weights! Weight room has everything I need, plus a great atmosphere! Pool, sauna, and hot tube are kept nice! Daycare is cheap, and the people are great with my kids! The cardio room has a boat load of equipment, and a cycle room. I can't comment on the women's exercise room...cuz I was born a boy...Only down side to this place is...it is not 24/7... if it was, I would live there!!!!

Steve Hartkopf

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